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September 2, 2013. Girls: When did you see your first penis? [Archive] - getDare Forums (http://www.getdare.com/bbs/archive/index.php/t-8121.html)

What was your reaction? "So...have you ever...seen one? I'd seen my brother walk through the house naked, but that didn't count. I know this is meant for girls but i thought i would add the first time i saw a penis apart

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 1

August 18, 2013. The First Three Penises I Ever Saw | Thought Catalog (http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/the-first-three-peni ses-i-ever-saw/)

16 Jan 2013 In the bathtub, or maybe at the beach, I notice that my brother is different from me. and I'm a girl, now hold still, let's get those potatoes out of your ears. What we have gathered from TV is that a man touches you, and you

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 2

August 29, 2013. dayraider's poll: Hey girls...have you ever seen a penis in real life? (http://dayraider.deviantart.com/journal/poll/213018 9/)

ofc I have! ;D I got 3 brothers, how can I not?! lol Oct 23, 2012 Hey girls, do you really sit around and compare breast sizes during teenage slumber parties? Oct 15 Sep 3, 2011 Has your best friend ever seen you naked? Sep 1, 2011

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 3

August 21, 2013. My brother's penis - What a Shame (http://www.what-a-shame.com/5925.html)

29 Mar 2012 My bf answered, I saw it, I know, he's big, so what? He's only 12 I I had nowhere to hide as I would have had to walk past her to get to my room. As we both stood there I put my pants on). Anna, do you ever fantasize about your brother's penis? He is 18 months older then me I'am a girl. We each have

September 10, 2013. Girls - First Time you Felt a Penis? - Topix (http://www.topix.net/forum/news/sex/T0QGSKDI980KQN8 I0/p26)

So why did you touch your brother's penis and have sex with him, Miranda? and "hard,,,just asking,,, was his the first hard one you ever saw.

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 5

September 1, 2013. girls Have You Ever Seen A Penis This Small&quot - Experience (http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/My-Punishm ent-Hummilation/1063928)

9 Jun 2010 ";girls Have You Ever Seen A Penis This Small" "i saw my brothers too and it was like 4 times bigger then this "and "we saw you your mom and tell her or you can just let us have our laughs"well they laughed

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 6

August 24, 2013. GUYS:have you ever shown a girl your penis on dare? | Is It Normal (http://isitnormal.com/poll/guyshave-you-ever-shown- a-girl-your-penis-on-dare-104784/)

My cousin did it to me and my sisters on a dare by his brother once when we to answer and am sure she saw the boner underneath cos she was lying down.

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 7

September 3, 2013. Girls: How old were you when you first saw a penis? - Mister Poll (http://www.misterpoll.com/forums/35272/topics/54021)

I saw my brother's dick when I was like 3 years old when he was born Have you ever seen another boys d!ck besides your brother's, either in

September 11, 2013. Comments: Girls, have you ever seen your brother's penis? (http://www.likelike.com/pollcommentary/4410%3FPHPSE SSID%3D22bb27b7aaf7ff66392f5c6bd08a1072)

12 Jul 2012 Likelike.com It's what people think. Ask and answer any $category question you can think of! We host tens of thousands of polls created by

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 9

September 7, 2013. Jimmy, 13 years old, and his sister Susie, who was a year younger (http://www.textfiles.com/sex/EROTICA/S/sis%26bro.tx t)

Susie's small hand moved toward her brother's cock. Her eyes were "Go on.. just wrap your hand around it and squeeze. "Don't you want me to take it out and look at it?" "Yeah "Have you ever seen a girl's pussy before, Jimmy?" " Sure

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 10

September 8, 2013. brothers penis - Virtual Teen Forums (http://www.virtualteen.org/forums/showthread.php%3F t%3D122246)

anyone else ever been flashed by a family member? If you've seen your brother(s) penis, does that help shape your opinion on circumcision

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 11

August 27, 2013. Did you mom ever check out your cock? - dick.net Forums (http://dick.net/forums/showthread.php%3Ft%3D1824)

So I have seen alot of topics here, Dads and brothers cock being compared. if any of you guys had your packages checked out or anything by your it only took a few seconds for it to get hard,first time a girl had touched it.

September 4, 2013. Have you ever seen your brother cock? - Yahoo! Answers (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index%3Fqid%3D200 90503132549AADPoke)

not because i got a girl friend. but i asking what would you have done? and have your or your brother seen each other cock? and turned gay?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 13

August 23, 2013. O my god I did it with my brother | Your Embarrassing Moments (http://www.yourembarrassingmoments.com/2012/03/o-my -god-i-did-it-with-my-brother/)

15 Mar 2012 that is so incredibly messed up you have nooo friken idea! imagine you said that you had sex at 13, and then she told your dad that your brother if i had a sister i would also fuck her. that is hot. people have dick this is the nastiest thing i ever read, whoever wrote it i hope you go to prison you sick fuck!

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 14

August 25, 2013. Girls, tell us about the first penis you ever saw... - GirlsAskGuys.com (http://www.girlsaskguys.com/Sexuality-Questions/681 79-girls-tell-us-about-first-penis-you-ever.html)

Girls, tell us about the first penis you ever saw.....what did you think?...how did you feel Your Rating: I had younger brothers and I saw their penises when they were babies, but if you mean full Our society is starving for intimacy and many of the lies we believe in our culture have to do with our hunger for relationship.

Comments about this video:
my cousins 7 and his penis are 8 inches is it small. and im 42 and my penis are 3.5 inches is it proper i fucked my wife but i could not becaus it did nt go in.
im 17 and my dick is 7.1 with a boner which im happy with but id just like to i dunno get even bigger.. but this has not worked?

This is way above average. But if you're concerned, you can always do Jelqing and stretching to increase it. Started Jelqing and stretching around 17 years old after getting some stupid enlargement pills, because I thought they'd work. Don't waste your money on those, trust me!
4.6 is below average, but you're still 14 years old. It will grow overtime. The penis stops growing at 22 years of age if I'm not mistaken. However, I've heard teenagers doing jelqing, bathmate and stretching to increase their size. It's the school schedule I guess.
You pull the skin up? I heard that there is a exercise where you hold the shaft of your penis and stretch.
I forgot what it was, but yes. It does work! I think it's calle dthe Tunica stretch. I've used that a ton.black guy, are you sure there are no risks? I heard people fucking their dick with PE. and how much size you gain in how much time.
If I could flop out my dick for you to prove to you that it works, I could. I have pictures on matters of size forum in the picture proof section. Wasn't until the picture proof section that I believed PE and got back into it. It's skeptical, but damn it works!

Hell no, that's a pretty good size. If you want more, you could. She might get a little scared though, lol.
And it's funny how you're lying too. I've done the exercises and it has given me the gains I want. If I wanted to lie to people, I'd do it, but I won't, because there are a lot of men out there who want to grow their penises, but don't know the necessary means to accomplish this. I'm giving them an easier way, rather than searching for it and going through the frustration of many PE scams out there.Fuck I was doing a forward and backward motion me small penis... Like ok it's big it's almost too big for my GF's mouth but like I'm not satisfied with it. Brother i got a question. I uses to make penis enlargment but stopped, started again and stoped. This can damage my tissue and can keep me of getting it bigger if i start over?
Hell no! I've done PE for a while now and haven't had any damage. There are guys in other countries who pull truck loads with their dicks. Just medical, doctoral propaganda.
bro, help me i have very little penis im still virgin im afraid to do sex with any girl..plzzzzzzz help me how can i be a nigga...Than make the next step in enlarging your penis. The link will take you to a forum where you can get the exercises. I've been in the same boat too. Just have to make that change, bro.I feel like stretching your shit will make it thinner. Bitches care about girth two, niggas. Not always about how deep your shit go.
Is it bad that the only large part of your penis is the head? My penis' head is really big while the body is small... :.
I use to do a method where I squeezed the penis head for a certain amount of minutes. Clamping helps getting a huge penis head, but it's an advance method.Now I gotta agree with this guy I heard about this method about 9 years ago I'm 26 black male by the way,,,anyway I used to have a skinny little penis from puberty to my early adult hood but after learning about this method I tried it without confidence that it might not work but I was desperate to please the ladies and now here I am 26 with a huge penis in length and width and I can't keep the ladies off me this really works I been doing this for years and still am. This guy should to commercials he was very entertaining however I don't believe in that jelking shit you going to end up having this lil dick motherfuckers breaking a blood vessel in their lil pee pee's lol. this is real guys its funny but what he is teaching is true I used to do this when I was a teen and I grew an extra.25 after I stopped doing this for a while I went back down because I was supposed to do an extra course of routines called cementing. news flash these techniques don't work. you can't just stretch your penis for 3 minutes a day and expect it to be huge. your dick is small get over it. Video coming soon. Please be patient. I'll give you some tips soon. Also message me your measurements and we can get started on changing your life with a huge penis. :).
I've seen a gigantic penis on a National Geographic magazine forgot his name but the person who has the biggest dick was a kid even bigger than him. Picture a five feet person and picture his arm lenght and compare that size to a penis.

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2 - 3 months some will gain half an inch to an INCH! It's amazing though. I did PE straight for a year 5 times a day with two off days.
Nope. Jacking off will not reduce the effectiveness of jelqing. However, I do recommend you edge before wacking the monkey, just improve and last longer in the bed.
Said the samething to at first. Shoot, I was going to op for penis enlargement surgery, but the gains I've seen from other guys made me try it out again. My girth gains have gone through the roof man.

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Oh and before I move on...asian guys...don't worry my brothers...you also have negroid genes. Put in the work.
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It was great to have my ex call me a damn donkey after the bitch tried to insult me for having a small dick when we first fucked. Fucking slut!! And I had a 7incher!!! Bitches will say anything to hurt you and always try to go below the belt. Either by insulting size, sexuality, or literally kicking the balls. I ran into her after working on myself with my thick 8...gave it to her good and proper. Had her squirting and everything. Dropped her ass..she stills wants it but i'm on to better.This is real shit...never get surgery...you might as well be putting your dick in a blender. I am black and I am blessed...I originally had a 7 inch dick but thanks to my big bro being an ass hole at the time, I thought I was small because he claims to have a 10incher. It may be true, who knows, but I don't need that much meat, fuck that. Most women can't even take that shit...so haha to him. But anyway after excercises it is like 8in now and the women and I are very very happy. O.O shwing!!
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I went to a mostly all black highschool in Detroit and I was actually bigger than the average black dude. Yes, even erect. Average sizes are average across the board well, except with asians. - but here's where it gets tricky - the larger black dicks, were larger by at least an inch or two. I have larger than average for caucasian and black or any culture - but those larger black dicks are really huge and it's not as common as people think. Why do you see the same porn actors? they are freaks.
they fail to tall you that arabs actually practice these techniques by there moms and grandmothers on their new born babies to get significant results. some asian and jamaican moms do this also on their babies.

I have searched google high and low finally found what really makes difference in size that after having tried for 6 months of pro-largent size " i have actually gained just over 2 inches in girth and length.

Stick with it..like body building everyone's different. But if you dedicate yourself to the work...you will reap the rewards. That's with everything in life. I went from 7 to a little over 8 and thick...do the work get the results.

I hear u man, but the problem with that is that the penis gets hard. Once its erect its kinda hard to do the stretching exercise :(.
Well I just did it and the excersise should work because u should feel a slight discounfort whyll u do the work out do us lotion when doing the jalking. Ps this is great stuff no gas people.
For black guys, u already have big dick hormones, u just need to trigger then and the thing will just get bigger every month.

I can assure you at first I did have an average size. Than I PE'D for about 6 months my first time getting up to 7 inches erected. Quit for a couple years until 2010, that's when I got back into it. Did it for one solid year and stopped. When I was PEing non-stop before putting in the towel, I had about almost 9 inches of length. Goes to show you that not all black guys are born endowed. At about 18 years old, I had barely six inches. :/.

August 30, 2013. Sisters Have You Ever Seen Your Brother's Penis? When He Was (http://www.experienceproject.com/question-answer/Si sters-Have-You-Ever-Seen-Your-Brothers-Penis-When-H e-Was-Younger/1266778)

10 Oct 2012 Would you rather have your sister or brother older or younger than you? What's your brother's name and if you don't have one, what would be the name of the brother Girls if you found a 3 inch tall guy what would you do?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 15

September 6, 2013. Girls, have you ever seen your brother's penis? | Answerbag (http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/1908142)

2 Feb 2010 I have three brothers, so I've seen all of them when I was young up until I was around 5 or so, then it became improper for little boys and girls to

August 31, 2013. Girls, Have You Ever Let Your Brother Feel You Up? - Find Answers (http://www.experienceproject.com/question-answer/Gi rls-Have-You-Ever-Let-Your-Brother-Feel-You-Up/3356 35)

18 Jul 2012 Find answers to the question, Girls, Have You Ever Let Your Brother Feel The first time my brother touched me he started by rubbing my first time I let him fondle my breasts,and I loved it when he let me stroke his penis.

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 17

September 9, 2013. first time girls saw a hard penis - Topix (http://www.topix.com/forum/news/sex/TP2SNDN7BS55O6J JS/p2)

So did you ever want to play with your dad's or brother's penises? I've read many stories here there kinda simlar can I have a comment on

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 18

August 28, 2013. Have you seen you Brother or Father with an Erect Penis (http://www.sammyboyforum.com/showthread.php%3Ft%3D2 36931)

Girls, have you ever seen your Brother or Father with an erection? Boys, has your sister seen you with an erect penis? To explain... My sister

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 19

August 19, 2013. Confirmed: Brothers' Penis Sizes Can Be Very Different - The Cut (http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/05/confirmed-brothers- penis-sizes-can-differ.html)

16 May 2013 Male: i haven't seen his dick in more than a decade Female: yeah. they've slept with at least one other girl in common. Me: Do you know if you and your brother have similar penises? If ever there was a time for the Brant brothers to say something interesting and entertain us with proof...this is it.

August 26, 2013. Girls: When did you see your first penis? - getDare Forums (http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php%3Ft%3D812 1)

What was your reaction? "So...have you ever...seen one? I'd seen my brother walk through the house naked, but that didn't count. I know this is meant for girls but i thought i would add the first time i saw a penis apart

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 21

August 22, 2013. girls, have you ever sucked your friends cock and never went on to (http://www.hipforums.com/newforums/showthread.php%3 Ft%3D402372)

girls, have you ever sucked your friends cock and never went on to have sex is from Oral and Anal Sex forum, part of the Hip Forums. The joys

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 22

September 5, 2013. Girls, have you seen your brothers naked? - Page 2 - GovTeen Forums (http://forums.govteen.com/surveys-polls/301215-girl s-have-you-seen-your-brothers-naked-2.html)

Have you seen their penis? yes, obviously 3. How could a 15 year old girl not see her 14 and 17 year old brothers naked from time to time?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 23

August 20, 2013. My husband has a small penis. Help! - The Week (http://theweek.com/article/index/244086/my-husband- has-a-small-penis-help)

17 May 2013 We have an active sex life, and he is really good with his hands, so he thinks words "difficult to feel you" were to ever tumble carelessly from your mouth. In fact, it makes you exactly like your brother: a guy who made a financial WATCH : This unbelievable twerk fail ends with a girl setting herself on fire.

September 30, 2013. Autofellating Brother? - Incest/Taboo - Literotica.com (http://www.literotica.com/s/autofellating-brother)

"He's sucking his own penis," Sarah said as she pointed at the computer that was sitting on her A girls weekend! "I'm pretty sure your Kyle isn't one of the one percent," Nikki said to me with a laugh. "And have you ever watched a race?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 25

October 1, 2013. tasteless penis jokes - Morticom (http://www.morticom.com/jokespenis.htm)

Offensive penis jokes. escorts the soldier upstairs and selects the best call girl they have for him. The Sgt Major shouts, "I have already told you honey, I have been in the army thirty "Who the hell do you think your gonna satisfy with this? dick he had ever seen, "Do you have any difficulties with it being so small?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 26

October 2, 2013. My First Time - My 1st Uncut Penis - Story 22503 from myfirsttime.com (http://www.myfirsttime.com/storys/225/22503.html)

Story 22503: My 1st Uncut Penis I had seen several penises before when changing diapers, and sneaking peeks at my brother, father, and once when the boy I must have appeared shocked, because Charlie noticed my shocked expression. Charlie looked down and said "Nothing, haven't you ever seen a foreskin?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 27

October 3, 2013. Have you seen your brother's penis - WikiAnswers (http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Have_you_seen_your_brothe r's_penis)

Answer it! Can a guys dick get wet like a girls vagina? Answer it! with your brothers penis if you are close to the same age. Just being I have! On TV! But I don't think you mean that... Have you ever seen the Jonas brothers? yes and their

October 4, 2013. My Brother's Cock - by Vijay Martinez (http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/29/mybroscock.txt)

If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE Martinez (lobo_loco_6666@hotmail.com) *** A sister lusts for her brother's cock and I had been fantasizing about him for over a year, ever since I caught him I saw him, keeping my eyes on him, from the moment he whisked out his soft, little

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 29

October 5, 2013. Can you touch your brothers penis | www.QACollections.com (http://www.qacollections.com/Can-you-touch-your-bro thers-penis)

well as long as you have hands yes but it is incest and if you're older than him than Your dad has no right to touch your penis and you should tell your mother Is it normal for a girl to occasionally queef on your penis when your having sex ?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 30

October 6, 2013. I am a 15 year old girl, I seen my brother playing with himself, he is (http://www.confessionjunkie.com/ca/conf.cfm/html/id QQ12053__confession_12053.htm)

It was the first time I ever seen a guy do that. I know it was Do all guys do this? even if they have a girlfriend? 3. Since he is I think you will find that even more fun than just watching your brother. 4. Just go Suck him or play with his cock.

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 31

October 7, 2013. What is the biggest penis you've ever seen? - BabyGaga (http://forum.baby-gaga.com/about1806375.html)

10 Jul 2011 I don't want to hear about your cousin's, brother's, best friend's massive p***s but ones that you have seen or experienced in person.

October 8, 2013. A CHECKUP TO REMEMBER - ICON (http://www.icon.co.za/~hugot/circum/Checkup.htm)

Annual check ups for my younger brother and me were generally routine. " Have you had any problems with your penis? As he got more nervous, I saw not only the goose bumps on his arms, but also the long lip of his cock skin get more pointed and pronounced Have you ever been able to see the glans underneath?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 33

October 9, 2013. Abused by brother - Psych Central Answers (http://answers.psychcentral.com/RelationshipsandSex /abused-by-brother-1/)

Before you read anything you need to know i have never told anyone about my experience neither did i ever wrote it down Even today i remember the very first day my brother made me touch his Penis! comes to brothers i just wonder how can a girl have two brothers and both of them tries to molest her

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 34

January 30, 2014. Teasing my brother and feeling shame and guilt about it : Remorse (http://www.psychforums.com/remorse/topic95692.html)

When I was nine and my brother was 13 I was sitting across from him with my I noticed him looking at my crotch and I could see his penis get hard. innocent silly girl" with mum and dad while simultaneously spreading my legs just a Have you ever thought about trying to untangle this with a therapist?

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 35

January 31, 2014. Swimming with Brother's Friends - NonConsent/Reluctance (http://www.literotica.com/s/swimming-with-brothers- friends)

Siblings are forced to have sex. I opened the gate and saw my brother Stevie in the pool with his two friends, Karl and "Have you ever seen your sister's tits? Stevie crouched down between my legs, then moved the tip of his penis until it

February 1, 2014. To the girls out there - Hip Forums (http://www.hipforums.com/newforums/showthread.php%3 Ft%3D345402)

To the girls out there is from Masturbation forum, part of the Hip Forums. Have you ever seen your own brother jacking and cum? a few years ago when we were wrestling that he got a boner and went to the bathroom.

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 37

February 2, 2014. Ladies, first time you saw a guy's penis? - Adult Forum - Sex Forums (http://www.sexforums.com/topic/4306-ladies-first-ti me-you-saw-a-guys-penis/)

Did you get turned on seeing it, and did you ever do anything sexual with that actually the frist penises I remember seeing were my brothers' and my dad's. hmm i think only 2 girls have seen my bits... thats 2 who arent

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 38

February 3, 2014. Is it wrong to wonder what your brother-in-law''s cock looks like? (http://www.datalounge.com/cgi-bin/iowa/ajax.html%3F t%3D9695814)

My sister''s husband. He''s terribly good looking, but he has BDF for dayuzzz! Also has large ears, some of the biggest, meatiest hands I''ve ever seen on a man,

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 39

February 4, 2014. REMIX!!!! First penis you ever saw? - AskMen.com Lounge - Message (http://boards.askmen.com/showthread.php%3F80176-REM IX!!!!-First-penis-you-ever-saw)

This is in response to the first bush you ever saw. I'm assuming we're talking actual "penis" as opposed to my brother's "pee-pee" when he was 8 years old. time to recover from the unavoidable icky feeling of having checked out your dad's dick. I didn't like it when girls suggested playing doctor.

February 5, 2014. What is the biggest p***s you've ever seen? - BabyGaga (http://www.babygaga.com/t-1806375/what-is-the-bigge st-penis-you-ve-ever-seen.html)

I am having this conversation with hubs right now. Home / Community / Sex & Relationships / What is the biggest penis you've ever seen? The biggest I've ever seen was like 9-10 inches. gah idk.. but that day my brother called me and asked what he should do since magnums are too small, made me want to vomit

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 41

February 6, 2014. In love with my brother's cock - brother incest blowjob first time virgin (http://www.lushstories.com/stories/incest/in-love-w ith-my-brothers-cock.aspx)

It must have been at least eight inches. I honestly couldn't tell you how long I watched him. I searched online and found stories of girls who had done things with their brother and it only made their I told him about how I watched him masturbate and ever since then how I had wanted to suck him off.

girls have you ever seen your brothers penis picture 42

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Guys & Girls Have you ever walked in on your brother or sister?. and they were naked? How much No one ever say saw naked by accident, even each other.

February 9, 2014. Girls have you ever seen your brothers penis? - Yahoo Answers (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index%3Fqid%3D201 31016164712AApKuNt)

Of course, our parents bathed us together. I don't know what I thought about it, I was very young, but I'd guess I wasn't weirded out because I would

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its normal.i have seen many times.we share same room.i am 19 my brother is 12 years he always sleep nude.

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